Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Sunset Memories...

It has been super busy around here. So I haven't really had time to work on anything "extra" for awhile. At least not in any great blocks of time. I have managed to carve out little bits here and there and this is the result. Here's another new piece for MerMay. Sometimes when I don't work on something in a solid block of time, I can keep noodling away, adding this or changing that. That's what happened here. I think it finally came together, but it took some finagling. ⠀
I don't know about you, but if there's a pretty sunset or sunrise, I like to share the moment with a kitty companion. I thought that this mermaid would appreciate some feline companionship. When we were little, our grandma used to fix catfish. They had a deep fryer station set up in the yard and we'd have a big fish fry. At first, we didn't want to have anything to do with it. We knew what fish were supposed to look like and we knew how cats were supposed be and in our minds, catfish looked like mermaids. Even after all this time, this critter makes appearances in all of the siblings' artwork.⠀
We loved the idea of mermaids. There was even a mermaid theme park. We desperately wanted to go, but never could get to Weeki Wachee Springs to see the shows. We've talked about it from time to time. But there were some articles about how it has seen better days and has sort of faded into the nostalgia of Old Florida roadside theme parks. Who knows? Maybe we'll all go one day. But more likely than not, it's a childhood desire fading like the light of a sunset.

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