Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Little River Dweller...

Here's another one for MerMay. In Celtic mythology, there's a creature called an Alp-luachra. It's also called a "Joint-eater" or "Just-halver". It's a fairy that lives near the water and silently (and invisibly) watches people eat their food. If a person should fall asleep near this creature and its watery home, it transforms into a newt and crawls down the victim's throat and eats half their food. They say that whoever is inhabited by one of these creatures will never get fat. New 2020 diet fad? LOL! Really, I think this was an old-timey cautionary tale about tapeworms and other parasites. ⠀ ⠀
I decided to do my own version based off an axolotl. I think they're so cute! So this Little River Dweller is a mermaid mashup. A little bit human, a little bit amphibian, and a little bit piggy.
If you're interested in acquiring "Little River Dweller", check out the Allegory Gallery online shop.

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