Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Ruler of the High Seas Necklace...

I’ve been making jewelry for almost 20 years and over the years, I’ve amassed quite the collection of interesting components. Sometimes something speaks to you and you know exactly what you want to make right away... but other times, it can take awhile before the right idea comes around. Luckily beads don’t go bad. (Though pearls do benefit from being worn.) I had this idea of making these chicken feet-esque talismans from the Biwa pearls, but never got around to it. The golden coral sticks were actually used to decorate the store for awhile. I made garlands and draped them over the mantle at the old store. But then it clicked.
A lot of times, when I paint mermaids I include some conveniently placed hair or well positioned jewelry to protect their modesty (and not get things taken down on social media). Apparently nipples are just too much and people lose their minds over them. So that’s where a statement necklace comes in handy... at least in paintings. (Actual coverage on an actual person might be a little breezy. LOL!)
Biwa pearls and golden coral sticks fan out in a dramatic bib, flanked by a freshwater pearls and stacks of “cornflake” pearls. A powerful silhouette imparts all the dramatic, regal vibes. All Hail the Ruler of the High Seas!

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