Thursday, May 07, 2020

Jiaoren Necklace...

Whenever I embark on a series, I go into research mode. I start investigating from different angles. As with the winter series, I started to look at mermaids from around the world. In Chinese folklore, there’s the “Jiaoren”. Not only were they lovely to look at, but they were skilled craftspeople. They also had a particular gift: when they cried, their tears turned into pearls. If someone showed them kindness, they’d repay it by filling a cup with tears.⠀
As a jewelry-maker, I couldn’t not make some MerMay jewelry. This necklace is inspired by the Jiaoren. I also really love pearls. This is long, Flapper-style necklace featured freshwater pearls, labradorite, garnets, and gilded brass. It can be worn as a swooping single strand or it can be doubled up for a layered look. Mermaids = OG neckmess trendsetters.
Here’s a detail shot of the pearl necklace. I really love the look of creamy pearls punctuated with sprinkles of gold and pops of red and gray. I think it has a very royal, opulent feel. ⠀

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