Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tangled Cat String Pendant...

I was recently asked to create a piece of pet-themed jewelry for one of Jewelry Making Daily's new FREE eBooks.  I pounced on the opportunity!  We are pet enthusiasts and share our lives with two cats: Paulo and Babette.  We love them so much that we call them our "kids".

Above is a picture of Paulo and Babette hanging out with some beads.

When I was thinking about what to make, all I needed to do was look around the house.  It seems as though there was an explosion of beads and string!  I decided to use the cat toys as my inspiration.  Thusly, the Tangled Cat String Pendant idea was born!

The focal is a slider that has a very Asian vibe to it.  I used the Dandelion Metal Stamp from ImpressArt to texture the sheet metal and give it more visual interest.  I love mixed metals and hung a fine pewter Lucky Cat charm made by my family at Green Girl Studios.

As Tammy mentioned in her post about the pet-themed projects, this focal has a lot of possibilities for variations, including using actual string or wool-covered wire like WoolyWire in place of the bare copper wire.  You could also switch out the Dandelion Stamp for a Paw Print stamp or any of their Animal themed stamps or Stick Animal Stamps.  You could even stamp the name of your pet. This is perfect project for customization.

To get the full instructions on how to make the Tangled Cat String Pendant (plus instructions for two other pet-inspired projects), CLICK HERE.


Ann Schroeder said...

Great idea and a beautiful necklace!

Shai Williams said...

Your kidders are absolutely beautiful. Do they tend to chat a lot with you? I know that I have two that have Siamese somewhere in their woodpiles.

I just love the necklace and I have downloaded the instructions. I haven't done much with metal but this project looks like a great spot to start.