Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chris Pureka at The Brown Hotel...

Last night we drove up to Indiana, PA and stopped by The Brown Hotel to check out a performance by singer/songwriter, Chris Pureka.  The venue reminded me a lot of some of the bars back in Brooklyn.  With a cool, neighborhood vibe, the bar had cheap drinks, folksy music and a nice mix of people in the crowd.  A local favorite, Melville Walbeck, opened for Chris.

I really enjoyed Chris's performance and feel lucky that she came through the area.  She was on tour in Europe for several weeks, playing gigs in major cities like London and Paris.  Having her come out to our neck of the woods was a real treat!

I became aware of Chris's work a few years ago and picked up her album, "How I Learned to See in the Dark".  I highly recommend it!  I love how honest her music is.  There's something genuine about it that feels naked and raw.  Her songs have a great depth, and while on the sadder side, there's an unrelenting hopefulness that underlies the heartbreak and quiet observations.

(Photo from the artist's website.)

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