Thursday, April 03, 2014

D2K Cher Concert...

Last night we had the good fortune to attend the Cher concert in Pittsburgh.  It was part of the Dressed To Kill tour with special guests, Pat Benetar and Neil Giraldo.

What an evening!  It started off with an electrifying and energetic set by Pat Benetar and her husband and musical collaborator of 34 years, Neil Giradlo.

When the curtain dropped, the crowd went wild!  Cher was perched on top of a pillar, decked out in glittering beads and a huge headdress plumed with feathers.  I was really impressed with the grandeur of everything!  The costumes, sets, and backup performers were really exceptional.  It had the polish and excitement of a Las Vegas production.  Even with all the theatrics, her voice took center stage.  Not only did she perform songs from her latest album, but she surveyed her 40 year career, including a tribute to Sonny Bono.  What I liked best about the show were the candid moments, when she joked around and told stories.  The concert was really fun and I'm happy that we could attend.

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Lotus said...

Glad you got to have such an enjoyable and memorable evening. You deserve it!