Thursday, March 13, 2014

Handcrafted Jewelry Premium Collection...

One of my favorite magazines from Interweave Press is Handcrafted Jewelry (and not just because I've been featured in it).  I love that it is packed with useful information and is loaded with tons of ideas.   The magazine encourages readers to customize, create, and explore their individuality.

Not only is it great for jewelry designers looking to expand their repertoires, but the techniques can be applied in mixed media artwork and other crafts.

Interweave has made it easier than ever to get started making handcrafted jewelry!  They've assembled a kit featuring each issue of Handcrafted Jewelry AND heat-set Vintaj Patinas and an assortment of Vintaj metal components.  Plus, the kit includes designer metal stamps from ImpressArt!  It has a retail value of over $100!  For a limited time only, they're offering everything for $59.99 (while supplies last)!  It's a steal!  CLICK HERE to check it out and claim your Handcrafted Jewelry Premium Collection.

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