Friday, February 07, 2014

Heart On My Sleeve...

I took this picture almost four years ago.  It was before the store.  It was before the cancer.  It was before a lot of things.  I took it for a post in a series on my blog called, "Self-Portrait Friday".  I've thought a lot about that picture recently.  Maybe because it captures so much of what I'm feeling right now.

I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I don't wear a poker face very well.  I don't mask my feelings and I'm always upfront with what I'm thinking.  It's not a popular way to be.  I'm told quite often that I share too much and I speak my mind too freely.  I've been told to be more private and professional.  I've been told to "keep quiet", "shut up", "let me finish…"  All my life, there has always been someone else to tell me not to talk so much, laugh too loud, or live my life.

This can either tear you down or build you up.

I would like to think that it made me stronger.  It made me a survivor.  It made me proud of who I am.

It's not an easy thing to wear your heart on your sleeve, but it is my shield and compass.  I follow my heart and have to trust that it won't lead me wrong.


Anonymous said...

Some of us just don't fit in well with what the "world" tells us we should be. Sometimes it takes a lifetime journey to find out that's OK. You are who you should be. Celebrate.

Juli Cannon said...

It is definitely not a popular way to "be". I find myself outside looking in much of the time, and it took a lot of soul searching to finally realize it isn't a choice I make but a consequence of living life out loud...a condition that is as natural to me as breathing.

It is a beautiful thing, Andrew. As are you.

You and I are kindred souls, and there are others like us. You are not alone. I hope you love those things about yourself that the masses would criticize.

Cozz said...

Dear Andrew,

Please keep speaking your mind out loud and express yourself.
How else could all your vibes good or bad flow.
And out it must come, one way or another.
If people can not take it, tough their loss.
big hugs from me