Monday, February 17, 2014


I was sitting in a cafe in New York City and looking out the window.  In one hand was a cup of coffee, in the other, I held a pencil.  I remember watching the strangers passing by…. the woman pushing her stroller, the man walking his dog, the couple holding hands, and the boy crossing the street.  Tap.  Tap.  Tap.  Unconsciously, I was tapping my pencil against the sketchbook in front of me.  I don't usually fidget.  The pencil was just moving in my hand.  It was probably my imagination, but the rhythmic thrum matched the footfalls and for a moment, I could hear the heartbeat of the City.  Each person was contributing to it.

Years later, when I was creating this collage, I thought of that beat.  While I'm not a musical person, I thought about how each of us sings a song, the song is the story of life.  Those songs weave together and form a chorus.  Sometimes the songs clash and sometimes they harmonize.  The beat is in the background, moving us along and giving our songs structure.  Each of us adds something different, lending the uniqueness of our voices.

At times, it can seem hard to sing.  The words might not be there.  The lyrics may seem tired and worn out.  Sometimes it's difficult to hear your own voice amongst the crowd.  Tap.  Tap.  Tap.  Life is moving us all forward and encouraging us to sing our songs.  If the words are gone, listen to your heart.  If the lyrics seem old, sing something new.  If you can't hear yourself, sing louder.  Sing prouder.  Sing with all that you are.  Play the music only you can make.

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Rebecca said...

Beautiful collage, and beautiful words. Your posts always make me stop and think.