Monday, April 15, 2013

Wired Cross Prototype...

Occasionally I get requests to make things.  If I have time and I think I can do the project justice, I agree.  If it is something that I haven't done before, I like to make prototypes and test the design out first.

This is a prototype for a commissioned piece.  It's light and dainty.  I formed the cross out of sterling silver wire and then micro-wrapped faceted tanzanite beads in the negative space.  The picture makes them look a lot darker than they actually are.  They're really a smoky, lavender blue color.  Held up in the light, the blue really shines... and the color reminds me of the sea before a thunderstorm.

It took some figuring to get the stones placed just right and to have the wrapping done evenly and tightly.  For the final piece, I'm going to go back and tweak the design slightly and add jump rings to hang the piece from a silver chain.

Even though it's just a test sample, I'm pleased with the result and am excited about creating a finished piece with the wired cross.

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