Monday, April 29, 2013


The past few days have simply been a gift!  The winter was hard on me.  It seemed relentless with one snowstorm after another.  But the climate has slowly been getting warmer and the skies have been getting progressively brighter.  Flowers are in bloom and there's a sense of levity in the air.  The landscape is coming alive and I feel like I'm coming alive as well.  I've caught the Spring Fever and have been busily working away.  I try to sneak some gardening time in when I can and have been planting flowers and herbs at the shop.  At home I'd like to put in a perennial bed with peonies, toad lilies and fritillaria.  I've had success with peonies and toad lilies in the past, but haven't tried my hand at fritillaria before.  I am excited and I feel ripe with possibility!

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