Friday, April 26, 2013

Novel Art at the Ligonier Valley Library...

The Ligonier Valley Library is hosting a creative fundraiser called, "Novel Art".  They put a call for submissions to transform old books into artwork.  The fundraiser will culminate in an evening of festivities on May 3rd.  Attendees are able to bid on their favorite creations in a silent auction and be entertained by storyteller, Scott Pavelle.  All of the proceeds will go towards upgrading the library's computer equipment.  To find out more about the project, CLICK HERE.
I love reading and I love books.  My Library Card was a beloved treasure when I was growing up.  I spent countless hours combing the stacks for my next adventure.  It is only natural that I would want to contribute a piece to help out my local library.  

For my submission, I broke out the Now That's a Jig! and a spool of copper wire.  I arranged the pegs almost randomly and took the piece of wire for a walk.  I coiled it and created a bubbly configuration.  In the loose spots, I secured them with thin gauge bronze wire.

When I saw the shapes, I was reminded of a scene from Thomas Hardy's book, "Far From the Madding Crowd".  Bathsheba performs an act of bibliomancy by asking a question and placing a key in the pages of a Bible.  The words within the hole in the bow of the key are the answer.

I cut the pages of the book to fit the circles of wire and glued them in place.  I then dipped everything in resin.  Once it was hardened, I wire-wrapped tiny Czech glass crystals on to exposed copper wire.   I incorprated the focal with coral teardrops, a faceted natural garnet rondelle, a piece of branch coral, a pearl, and a 


Mary Harding said...

Very, very cool. I love resin over a text.

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks Mary! I think it turned out to be a fun piece! I hope it raises a lot of money for them.

I like the effect as well. If I were going to do it for my own project and didn't have to recycle parts of a book, I think I would use stamped tissue paper or rice paper with Staz-On inks. When dipped in resin, the paper simply disappears and the words seem to magically float. Also, when it's printed on one side, it doesn't have the bleed through on the other from the back side of the page.