Friday, April 12, 2013

Slide Bracelets...

I was recently sent some samples to play with from the Cousin Corporation.  They included components from their Slide Bracelet program that is available at selected Jo-Ann stores.  The pieces in the new program are similar to the very popular Regaliz or "licorice" leather bracelets.  They are easy to use and create striking, unisex bracelets that can be worn individually or stacked.  I totally wore mine after I made them and really enjoyed how they looked and felt.

The thick, bicast leather comes in a variety of evenly saturated colors and has a nice sturdy feeling.  It can be left plain or embellished.  The red bracelet that I made (shown above) only has the closure.  The grey piece (shown below) includes the rubbery plastic stop bands, two decorative accent sliders and one focal slider.  The sliders come in sets and both the metal closures and slider accents come in gold and silver finishes

What I love about these bracelets is how easy they are to put together.  It's a simple procedure and the results are consistently good.  CLICK HERE to check out the How-to video and step-by-step instructions.

One of the other nice things about this new DIY program is that the stylish components are widely available.  I remember when the licorice leather first debuted and how tricky it was to find components that fit the unique size and shape.  These pieces can be found at Jo-Ann stores across the country.  CLICK HERE to check out the store locator map (and scroll down below the video).  They make great foundation pieces that can be customized and embellished endlessly.

This a wonderful product and I can't wait to see what others create with it.  Want to know what Cousin Corporation is doing next?  CLICK HERE to visit their Facebook page.


Shel said...

These are fun! That second one is super cool!

CraftyHope said...

Ohhh, cool! I don't make it to Joanne's often as I have to drive a couple of cities away to get there, but you've got me wanting to head that way soon. Thanks! (I'm not sure if that 'thanks' is sarcastic or not. ;) )