Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Walking Awakening...

Despite the relatively mild winter, I am over the moon that spring... GLORIOUS SPRING... is setting in!  My mom has a saying, "Don't count the chicks before the eggs hatch."  And it's true... the weather here is unpredictable and at a moment's notice, it could be snowing again.  It is not uncommon to get the cold, white stuff in April!  Even still, I cannot begin to fully capture just how thrilled I am to shrug off winter's mantle and embrace a warmer season.

 The earth feels like it's coming alive again.  I feel the same way.  It was like even though I was walking around and functional (at least resembling functional) most of the winter, a sheet was pulled over my eyes and everything was foggy.  Along with the pops of color and sprouting vegetation, it seems like the fog is lifting and I'm regaining some clarity and focus.  Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I feel renewed and energized.

 The day was so nice and the sun was out when I got home that I decided to go for a walk.  The sheer idea of walking around in winter makes me tired.  Heavy shoes.  Heavy clothes.  Slow progress.  Wet socks.  Cold feet.  Aching joints.  Not very alluring to me.  I'd rather stay cooped up.

But with spring peaking up through the patchwork of brown leaves, I feel recharged and get excited about exploring and walking around.

 One such discovery while exploring was this bleached out deer skull.  Not too long ago, the stark white would have been lost amongst the erasure of snow, but it stands out amongst the nearly neon moss and rich, earthy browns... maybe as a last vestige of winter's tale.
 All of the ice has melted and the creeks and rivulets are swollen with snowmelt.  I like the healthy trickle as the water snakes along the property.  One thing that I noticed was that there is a lot of slate in the creek-beds and as the water tumbles down the small waterfalls, there's almost a hollow drumming as the water hits the stones.

 The undergrowth in the woods has yet to get out of control and it is still easy to navigate between the trees, off the beaten path.  In a few months, this won't be the case.  It'll be so full of foliage that it'll be hard to see where you're walking, let alone getting through the network of brambles and thorny vines.

In the meantime, it's easy to survey the forest floor.  I discovered some Scarlet Caps.  It wasn't so hard.  Even though they're relatively small, this fungi is brightly colored and stands out!  It is also a sign that spring is well underway!

 Above is a shot of another waterfall on the property.  I like that wherever there is water, the moss is vivid green.  Everything else is fairly monotone.  The moss looks like a giant serpent working its way through the tress.

 The waterfalls have to end up somewhere.  And this is the creek that all the water feeds into on the property.  The water was a strange color of blue and green, which is probably due to the purity of the snowmelt.  Even though it's a world away, I am still reminded of the waters of Hawaii... a swirl of cobalt and aquamarine.
It started to get dark and the shadows started to lengthen and thicken.  I decided that it was time for my walk to come to an end.  It did not end without a farewell from some forest friends.  This back-lit deer, with a seemingly carved out silhouette, stood watch as I made my way out of the woods.


somethingunique said...

Wow.....I couldn't think of a better landscape to unwind in after working all this right on your property??? reminds me of where I was born in Quebec... you take such beautiful photos Andrew...thanks for sharing them...xox

Andrew Thornton said...

Days like this make me fall in love with the area all over again!

Yes, we live on 90 acres and all of the pictures were taken on the property.

Thank you for your kind words and I am happy to share my little slice of paradise!

Alice said...

What a treat. Those red fungi caps are amazing, and the pool of water is so inviting though I know it would be frigid. It looks like that deer was posing just for you. Thank you for sharing these delightful photos.

Jenny said...

It does nourish the soul to live in touch with the seasons and the turn of the wheel. Hibernate, renew, blossom... Thanks for sharing.

TesoriTrovati said...

What an awesome photo safari you had! I love that picture of the creek with the sun shining and the little red pods. Such a pretty color! But that one of the deer is suitable for framing. I love it!
Enjoy the day, Andrew!

Anonymous said...

I just love your walks, notes, and wonderful pics along the way. The deer one is amazing!

Unknown said...

Ohh I needed your post today Andrew! The newness and hope that Spring brings in on her paths! I love your pictures. My father had 50 acres and every single day was new and fresshe full of something that can found only in the still beauty of the countryside! Thank you for this today my friend..ox

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

*gasp* I love bones so that deer skull is awesome!