Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Luxury Bead Blends: Lucky Spring...

When I hosted the monthly Reader's Challenge and offered Design Kits, one of the most popular aspects was the Luxury Bead Blends.  I received dozens of emails saying how much they enjoyed the unique mix of beads.  When I stopped making the Design Kits, I got a few emails asking if I would continue to offer the blends.

And... after much time and debating with myself, I decided to go for it!  I enjoy making the blends.  It's kind of like mixing perfumes or blending spices... you have to get just the right flavors to make the mix a success.  If you get it wrong, it takes a few hours to pick out the odd color or shape that spoils the batch.  (While it's a mediative act to correct a blend, it does get a tad tedious after a couple of hours.)

Although one could mix similar colors and use similar beads... getting them exactly the same is impossible!  Each of the blends reflect what's on-hand at any given moment in my studio and I think captures a bit of the moment.  I've also used some pretty hard to find vintage beads, which also make the blends unique.

One of the other things that I like about making them is that these rich blends of beads are a good sampler of several different kinds of beads.  If one were to make their own blend, it would get very expensive very fast!  Not to mention you'd end up with a huge amount!  The Luxury Bead Blends are just the right amount and are cost effective.  It's a great way to try colors out!

For my first solo Luxury Bead Blend, I'm offering "Lucky Spring".  These would be perfect for St. Patrick's Day, but are just as useful and beautiful for any green creation.  I love the vibrant mix of greens. It reminds me of laying on my back, looking up at the canopy of leaves and seeing the light filtering through the blanket of foliage.  This mix also reminds me of the newly sprouted bulbs – a refreshing shock of color after a monotone winter.  Can you tell that I'm a smitten kitten with this blend?

CLICK HERE to get your very own Luxury Bead Blend!  I only made 20... so when they're gone, they're gone.  And although there is no "challenge" per se involved with this blend, if you do make something, let me know and I'll share the link.  And if enough people want to do a blog hop, I'll help organize one to showcase all the beautiful creations made with these stunning beads!

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