Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Additions to my Shop...

I've been on a creative roll lately and just finished up some new pieces!  I've been up all hours of the night working on things before going to ArtFest and I've added a few of them to my Shop!  I've also restocked probably one of the most popular designs I've ever carved: The Bronze Mini Skull Charm.

The photos are not the best.  I took them here at the airport, but I was so happy with the new pieces that I couldn't wait to post them!

I remember one summer evening in the Hamptons.  I was sitting in the sand dunes watching the fireflies weave through the sedges and sea oats.  I listened to the waves of the ocean as they came rolling in.  The cuffs of my pants-legs were still wet, even rolled up, after splashing around in the salty seawater. It was a warm evening with a cool sea breeze and simply perfect.  I had just come from an intimate concert with Duncan Sheik; his music seemed to linger long after the doors had shut and melded with the songs of the sea, the cricket and the bullfrog.  Just then... a fox crossed my path.  It stopped in its tracks and regarded me for a moment.  He was as startled to see me as I was to see him.  After a few moments of consideration and mild curiosity, the fox trotted back on its way as if it never paused.  This pendant is of the Cunning Fox.  I looked at a lot of different images and carvings of foxes; particularly that of the Japanese and the Native Americans.  I wanted to keep the carving as simple and iconic as possible, drawing on the source materials but not replicating them.  I'm quite pleased with the new fox pendant.  CLICK HERE to check out the Cunning Fox Charm.

My mother talks to the plants and the trees.  It goes beyond just idly chatting with a houseplant, but harkens to her island heritage in the Philippines, where spirits lived in the leaves and stems of plants.  One's ancestors or the Guardians of the Forest could be there, within the wood.  I wanted to give a face to these wild energies... so I created a Green Man pendant.  CLICK HERE to check him out.
The last of the new designs comes from my experiences walking through the woods on the property.  I have come across several stags since my walks began here.  Each time I see one – a head full of antlers – they remind me of royalty.  It's like they're wearing a crown.  True Kings of the Woods.  I pulled a lot of inspiration from Medieval illustrations, like illuminated manuscripts and tapestries.  CLICK HERE to see the new stag pendants.
I always receive compliments on these charms.  They are bright, edgy, and fun.  I've used them in earrings, in bracelets and even as a focal in a dainty necklace.  They are so popular, that it's hard to keep them in stock.  And I dread production work, which is probably why there isn't a steady stream of them at all times.  CLICK HERE to pick up your Mini Skull Charm before they sell out again.

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somethingunique said...

Oh Andrew..I just so love the way you tell a story...I imagined myself there right with you...I love all of theses new pendants...especially the fox...thanks for sharing your inspiration for these new creations...xox