Thursday, March 15, 2012

Color Bundles...

I got an email asking me whatever happened to all those samples I created for my torch-fire enamel "cookbook" and enameled porcelain experiments.  And that got me thinking... where were the beads I so painstakingly made?  Truth be told, they were sitting in piles in my studio gathering dust.  And they're just too pretty to do that!

So I put together COLOR BUNDLES!    I love how bright and pretty the colors are!  They are especially perfect for spring!  Each of the Color Bundles include some of my enameled work.  Most of them have a mix of the vintage metal beads I enameled, the enameled handmade porcelain beads, and some whimsical, dyed jade spacers.  The spacers are just for fun and thrown in on the house, but they were just so cheery that I thought they were meant to be with the enameled beads.

I only made 15 bundles and once they're gone, they will likely be gone for good!  (I detest production work and these exercises required many repetitive hours of torch time.)  So snatch up your Color Bundle before they're all gone!


Beth Hikes said...

Clever! I love this bundling idea. They look like little buds ready to burst forth into spring :) xoxo Beth

CharmN Jewelry said...

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