Monday, January 23, 2012

Under the Floral Moon...

As soon as I get home from the Shop, I brew some coffee and get to work.  It has been a flurry of activity lately!  My work goes late into night and I find myself sorely lacking sleep, but am happy with the things that are produced.

I created a limited-edition series of "Floral Moon Pendants".  I rolled out porcelain and impressed it with different designs.  I then cut the pendants out and let them dry.  Once they were dry, I hand-tooled them and then fired them.  Once they cooled, I prepared them to be coated in fine silver.

Then the hard work... finishing them.  They're patinated, polished, buffed, waxed, buffed again and polished again.  It's a lot of hand-finishing and it reminded me why I don't make more of these style of pendants!

I think the silver looks sharp and definitely gives the pieces a lunar effect.  They seem to glow with a celestial coolness.  The floral pattern look like craters and accentuates the moon effect.

I only created 16 pendants.  Each one is unique and different and I am pretty confident that I won't be making any more.  Each one is signed on the back and would be perfect as a focal on a necklace.

Imagine it hanging from a simple silver chain or from a piece of leather, embellished with white pearls.  To find out more about the pieces and to get your's, CLICK HERE.


peggy aplSEEDS said...

they are lovely! thanks for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS

Sharon Driscoll said...

I love the idea of the silver over the porcelain and what you've done is exceptional, but that sure is a lot of work. With your talent as a colorist I'd love to see you try something to hang like a worry stone. Touchable - but silky. Undertones of color too.

Really - like you need suggestions. LOL

Have a great evening Andrew you know you do beautiful work.

horimarika said...

So pretty pendants! Love them!

Rebecca said...

These are absolutely beautiful. I really appreciate the hard work that you have put into every one. They are even more magical because of it!