Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Call to Arms...

I call upon you now, readers of this blog, for your help!  Right now, Allegory Gallery is participating in Facebook Small Business Boost.  They are giving away advertising dollars!  All we have to do is get as many "likes" as we can, before April 1st.  If we get 100 likes before then, we'll get $100 in free advertising dollars!  If we get more, we could even get $10,000 of free advertising dollars!

All you have to do to help is go to our Allegory Gallery Facebook page and "Like" us if you haven't already.  (If you have liked us already, please don't like us again, because then you'll unlike us and we wouldn't want that.)  It's as simple as that!  Just CLICK HERE, make sure you're signed in and "Like" us.  You'll have done your part to help a small business, just starting out, get more money to help promote and establish it.  Every little bit helps!

If you could spread the word and get others who want to help Small Business to "Like" us, we would be most appreciative of your help and efforts.  The more people we can get on board, the better!


Anonymous said...

I already "liked" the gallery, but I'll spread the word!

Cyndi J said...

I sent a tweet (not that I have that many followers!) and 'liked' the gallery. Wish I lived in your area because I'd visit. I'm on Facebook, too.