Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pressed for Time...

In the blur that was the past few days, I sat down and pressed out some bronze coins. I've restocked the ones that Cynthia carved. (Yes, there are now more ravens with keys!) I also managed to press out the last batch of designs that I carved. I've only made them in copper before and was quite pleased with the way they look in bronze.

Above are some of the newer designs done in bronze, including the new trillium with two holes, the crowned skull, the lucky four-leaf clover and the scarlet pimpernel. I also got a special request for a Little Bird Pendant made in bronze and made a few while I had the mold out.

I've been on a roll creating new designs. There are four new ones! I just pulled the test batch from the kiln and think they look great! I've been playing around with a more rustic carving style and using more texture. It has been fun and I like the results.

Let me introduce you to my NEW little friends:

I'm a smitten kitten with Atomic Stars. I made the Shatter Star pendant and decided to do a smaller solo version. I imagine that I'll be making many different permutations of the Atomic Star since I love them so. (I got a request to do a bracelet link with stars and have that on my work bench as I type this.)

This little guy was inspired by the recent visitors to the hummingbird feeders. I've been enjoying their buzz as they dart about, fiercely dive-bombing each other and occasionally sticking out their tongues. I'm thinking about doing a more sculptural hummingbird at actual size and covering it in enamel with a few CZs.

I have always loved the iconography of the flying fish. They're magical to me. They live between two elements, and it's this in-between state that I find so appealing. When I was in Hawaii last, we found a baby one that had washed up on the sand. We rescued it and returned it back to the waves, where it hopefully lived to have many adventures between sea and sky.

I also just finished this peacock. I might make some smaller pieces of just the feathers. I think the pendants would look really cool framed by some filigree with some Gilder's Paste for some pops of color and strung up with some fluorite and lapis.

We'll see how they do in the Shop. If they do well, I'll do them in copper also and play around with adding prong set CZs. You can see the full selection of my pendants by CLICKING HERE.


SummersStudio said...

These are all wonderful, especially that star.

Therese's Treasures said...

Cool pendants! I really like the peacock.

peacockfairy said...

LOOOOOOVE the peacock! I ordered 2!

Joana said...

Love the star, and the peacock! I need to get a few euros in before I start the buying frenzy! :P but I definitely want one of each and a sugar skull from the green girl batch.

Elizabeth said...

Your wonderful beads area amazing!! i especially love the flying fish- I grew up on the ocean on the East Coast and yearn to be there!! It is so wonderful to meet youand I will be following!!!

Unknown said...

They are beautiful!! The peacocks my fave..stunning!!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

visited your shop. these pendants are beautiful!

HeARTworks said...

Really interesting beads. Will visit your shop. Patsy.paterno (at) from