Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting Somewhere...

I started writing this post at 4:30 AM when I got up this morning. I couldn't sleep comfortably. Too many thoughts were whirling through my head. So instead of struggling with myself, I got up and started working. I looked up at the clock and a few hours had passed. Just like that! It seemed like a blink of the eye.

I was about to internally berate myself for not getting more done, when I caught movement out of corner of my eye. I looked out the window and there on the ridge, in the early morning light, was a small deer. It sensed the new watcher and lifted its head to gaze up at me. I stared back. It seemed as though our eyes had been locked for hours... when only a few seconds had passed. Time is a slippery thing – moving too fast at times and stopping almost completely at others.

I laughed to myself.

Most of the deadlines that I was working furiously to finish were ones that I had imposed upon myself. I had arbitrarily chosen a timeline and thought that I could do everything within these constraints. After starting these projects, it became evident that I wouldn't finish it all without the aid of a miracle. A miracle wasn't necessary though... just me being honest with myself.

So... I'm going to extend the Virtual Yard Sale through the long weekend. It'll officially end at midnight on July 4th! What better way to celebrate Independence Day than more Ebay Sales, giveaways, and new additions to the Shop? This means that the Virtual Yard Sale Giveaway is also extended. I will draw the winner at the close of the Sale. I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused, but hope that you continue to patiently bare with me and enjoy all the fun activities that will take place this weekend!


Grubbi said...

What a wonderful view! I'd love to gaze out of my window and see nature in all it's glory. x

Joana said...

Isn't it weird how much we suffer from auto imposed burdens. Luckily it only takes us a beautiful moment, an encounter with something or someone, in which we stop and breathe out and then in, to realize that WE have the power to lift that burden off our shoulders!
That view out of your window is wonderful!

darbyscloset said...

I love that you learned from the listened, it had been speaking all along.....if we all could just "listen"!
BTW, I love your fun activities and I look forward to playing! Thanks for sharing yourself with us over this weekend!

kmemho said...

I once had time stand still while a deer and I locked eyes when in close proximity. Both of us cautiously watching the other. I love your view in that photo. It's breathtaking!

kmemho said...

Don't be so hard on yourself WRT to your deadlines. They will get done - you know it will. I'm looking forward to receiving my bead mixes. Have a good holiday!

Anonymous said...

Those self imposed deadlines get us every time. Glad you are giving yourself some time to breathe!