Saturday, June 18, 2011


I have been playing catch-up since I returned from Milwaukee. It's an odd sensation to be displaced in the time-stream. I have been just a few days behind, but have also been simultaneously addressing the concerns-du-jour. Straddling both has been a bit disorienting and I'll be honest in saying that my mind has been elsewhere.

I woke up early and there was a perfect quiet and stillness. That gap between the work of yesterday and the deeds of today had ceased its stretching and returned to something a little more normal. Good news came from Cynthia and Greg that Max was recovering and doing very well. It's hard to believe that two tiny magnets could cause such damage. I cannot express the profound relief to hear that he will make a full recovery. Seeing the video Cynthia sent of him playing and alert in his hospital bed was just beautiful.

I finally feel at home, and not just drifting while standing still.


somethingunique said...

Hi Andrew, i thought i would check blog one more time tonight before i settle into my pj's hoping i would see a post from you about sweet Max, i didn't want to pester you asking about him, i felt when you were ready you would post and here you are. The hair on my arms stood staight up reading of Max recovering and doing so well. When anyone is ill especially a child it is hard to watch them go through that.Cynthia must be over the moon and much more at ease. I am super happy he is getting better he has been on my mind alot. Jack wasn't sick but badly injured in hockey and required surgery to repair his injury and it was one of the hardest thing watching them wheel him away to the operating room mind you he is not a little boy any more 6'1" going only on 16yrs old he is an amazing hockey player and for such a big boy one of the gentlest souls alway's sticking up for the kids that get picked on at school i am so proud of him. He has been on crutches for 12 weeks now hopefully in a few weeks he can begin his physio. Well it made my night knowing before i went to sleep for the night that Max is on the mend!!
thanks for letting us know Andrew
take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend ttfn Lana:) oh by the way how is Paulo doing with his poor little foot? >^.^<

Andrew Thornton said...

It was definitely a relief to hear that Max was recovering and on the mend. There's a strange feeling of not being able to do anything while you know that someone you love is hurt.

Paulo is doing much better. He's almost completely healed up and is playing a lot. He is using this as an excuse to get extra rubbings though.

Regina said...

So glad to hear that Max is recovering well.

kate mckinnon said...

I was so glad to hear that Max was going to be all right.

Joan Tucker said...

Good to hear about Max; that feeling of suspension while you are waiting to hear about a loved one.
I always feel like a momma hen counting chicks; asking are they all- alright. Children put the darnest things i their mouths. Stay well; enjoy Baltimore. Joan T