Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Ebay Sales...

I've been designing jewelry for magazines, publications and competitions for almost a decade now. Hard to believe that so much time has passed! It's also hard to believe how much jewelry I've amassed. It gets loaned out for months at a time (if not longer) and it's easy to forget that you even made it.

But then one day it gets sent back and you're covered in piles of it!

In an effort to trim down my personal collection of my own work, I've started to add pieces to Ebay. No matter the materials, the time that went into making the piece, or what prizes it won or how prominently it was featured in the magazines and books... they are all starting out at $0.99! All of the pieces created with the finest materials and with tons of artist-made beads and components. CLICK HERE to check them out!

I've already added 20 pieces and have aims to add three times as much throughout the duration of the Virtual Yard Sale. The current pieces posted have auctions that will end in two days and many of them are still quite low in price. You could easily end up an instant collection of my finished jewelry, or you could take your handy cutters and end up with piles of art beads. (I know... sacrilege, but honestly it won't hurt my feelings if I don't know about it and goodness knows that I've cut up and reconfigured hundreds of my own pieces already.)

So, check the Ebay Sales often and regularly to score your favorite design of mine! (And don't forget! If you win an auction, you'll automatically be entered in the Virtual Yard Sale Giveaway!)

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AJ said...

Oh! Green earrings with niobium earwires! I hope I win them :)