Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Studio Sale in Progress...

I wanted to have everything ready this morning for a nice early morning bidding marathon for my Ebay studio sale.  However, after spending all night long gazing at the computer, uploading pictures and deliriously adding descriptions... I decided to sleep afterwards.  My eyes were stinging and no matter how much coffee and soda I chugged down, nothing was enough to keep me up another minute longer.

So far there are 66 individual auctions going on in my little old Ebay shop.  CLICK HERE to go to it!  I will be adding a few more throughout the night (more artist catalogues and 45 RPM records).  There's A LOT of stuff.  So, like any good yard sale, don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and dig around.  You'll find everything from nearly new CDs, religious ephemera, vintage cabinet photos, beads, owl figurines, craft tools, compact mirrors, and even Trocadero, a necklace that was featured in Stringing Magazine.

And since I've been having a WONDERFUL time with the Artist Trading Cards and it's the Yuletide season, I will enclose (1) one new Artist Trading Card of my choosing with every winning auction!  So, you may not like my taste in music, but hey... bid on and win that $0.99 CD and get an original piece of artwork by me!  All you have to do is win the auction and REMEMBER to include a note about the Artist Trading Card in the special instructions.  WHAT  A DEAL!  

Bid and win and get a FREE Artist Trading Card!

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