Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Here's another image that I snapped on my walk.  
It seemed strangely poetic.


Anonymous said...

What an incredible photo. So full of beauty, yet chilling at the same time.

Andrew Thornton said...

I agree that it's very chilling. The light seems so cold and in its own way very grating. The reds are all smothered in this grey-blue light, making them look like shades of cold purple and lifeless lavender, but yes, I agree also that it's beautiful. It has the beauty of things that will not last, the beauty of the fleeting moment, the thing that will wither and die and be washed away, but for a moment, for a few sacred moments, it is exulted as special and glorified as pretty.

I makes me think of all different kinds of stories and fills my head with questions of how these flowers ended up here, in the gutter, trampled and forgotten and no longer remarkable, except to the guy with the camera, stooping down and clicking pictures to post on his blog.