Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Six Earring Designs...

I was skimming through the blog world, when I came across Jamie Hogsett's post, "Make Earrings Until Your Fingers Bleed!"  I chuckled quietly to myself, because that's exactly what I've been doing... well, except without the blood.  Here are six new earring designs:

The first on the left is made up by light blue niobium ear-wires by the Odyssey and Bead Expressions, dark indigo Swarovski crystal rounds from Fusion Beads, and Peruvian opals, potato pearls, and turquoise leaves from Talisman Associates.  The second pair, in the middle, are made from ear-wires from Saki Silver, branch links from Candice Wakumoto, and pearls and Czech glass from Talisman Associates.  The third pair, on the right, are made from rose-gold colored niobium ear-wires from the Odyssey and Bead Expressions, faceted pearls from Talisman Associates, sterling silver findings from Candice Wakumoto, and engraved shells from LillyPilly Designs.
The earrings on the left are made up of lucite leaves and chain from Ornamentea, grey opal and crystal clear Swarovski Crystals from Fusion Beads, sequins from Gail Crosman Moore, and brown niobium ear-wires from Marti Brown at the Odyssey and Bead Expression.  The middle pair are made up of sequins from Gail Crosman Moore, engraved shell from LillyPilly Designs, chain from Ornamentea, and ear-wires from the Odyssey and Bead Expression.  The pair on the right are made of Vintaj natural brass from Jamie Hogsett, ceramic faces from Melanie Brooks Lukacs of Earthenwood Studio, sequins from Gail Crosman Moore, light blue niobium ear-wires from the Odyssey and Bead Expression and amazonite rondelles from Talisman Associates.


Erin Siegel said...

Wow! Great designs. I love them all! Making earrings is so fun.

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks! I had a lot of fun making them. I'm hooked to Gail's sequins. I've been adding them to everything recently.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just stumbled onto your site and I am very excited about what I have found. Thank you for being of the spirit and nature to share generously. Too often, it appears that the jewelry business is tight-lipped from fear of competition. It is a pleasure to see someone look beyond the fear and the competitive $. Thank you.


Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Connie! Thanks for commenting and for your kind words.

I'm not really worried about competition. Everyone has their own vision and design sensibility. My job is mostly to inspire and to encourage.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the freedom with which I try to share. I think it's liberating! :-)

Thanks again!