Friday, December 07, 2007

For a Good Time Call...

Thursday night, I went out to New Jersey to attend the 1st Thursday Event at Gallery FoF in Rahway. The show that was opening was called, "For a Good Time Call..." The show was focused around women painters and their various approaches to the media of painting, some delving into classical still-life and others organic abstraction. Rahway has a budding cultural community and I look forward to seeing what other projects will blossom in the Garden State.

Left: Essye Klempner in front of two of her still-life paintings. In her artist statement, she mentioned that she moved towards still-life painting to truly and genuinely examine a subject on an intimate level. Her sumptuous paintings with surprisingly geometric compositions provide a feast for the eyes.

Left: Linda Nicholas posing with one of her paintings. I first met Linda several years ago at a summer residency at the School of Visual Arts. I was happy to see how she translated those small format collages into large scale paintings, bending and twisting the pictoral plane, giving a sense of internal intimacy.

Left: Rachel Frontino, all bundled up and about to leave, in front of one of her paintings on display. As it turns out, her studio is just down the way from my apartment. I will definitely have to stop by to check out her undaunting committment to abstraction in action.

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