Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Captured in Paint...

I was over at my sister's blog and saw that her sister-in-law, Jenny Ogden, painted this picture of the two of us for Cynthia's Christmas present. I dug through my archive of photographs and found the photo-booth picture that Jenny's painting is based off of (shown to the left). It is always interesting to see how images are translated into paint and to examine the choices of an artist in creating their piece. I think Jenny captured me perfectly; she even got the bags under my eyes right.


Sunrise TheSea said...

Cynthia's caricature looks more like her, I think. The sister-in-law captured your worst. Yes, she captured the bags under your eyes but not the pensive pucker. Or maybe it's your nose that's off or the eyebrows that are too sharp. Anyhow, it's a sadder Andrew thatn I hope for.

P.S. My new Andrew-box has begun. Aren't you thrilled?!?!

Andrew Thornton said...

I think I can identify with the sadness Jenny caught in her painting. Posed pictures for the camera are tricky like that. On the onset, everyone seems happy and excited and filled with joy. But it's only the surface. It's only what's presented. It's only what people want to remember.

The photobooth picture of me was taken off-guard. Jenny boiled it down and I think captured the essence of it.

And, my eyebrows are pretty dang sharp in real-life.

OH! And I am thrilled. I enjoyed getting your last box. I started one for you as well, but it is slow going. I'm thinking about the pictures I take with the fish-eye camera. I want them to really be things that make me happy.