Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Opening...

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of the event. I have an album in Flickr, which you can access by CLICKING HERE. I'm not used to Flickr yet, so hopefully it works.

Right: Jackie Winsor and I in front of my white on black pieces.

Left: Gissele, Jasmin and Josh (a.k.a. Double J and G.) of 'Wichcraft. They were relaxing in my studio and "muffing." I'm not exactly sure what that was, but it has to do with like biting with your lips on people's cheeks or something.

Right: Christy Zucarelli and I were posing for the camera in front of my new charcoal drawings. I'm really glad that we've stayed in touch, even though it seemed at times we would be lost to each other.

Left: Aurea Tomeski has been one of my most supportive friends here in New York. Even though we are both extremely busy, it still feels as though we are as close as ever.

Right: This is my new co-worker, Kara. She's from Austin, Texas. She's fun! She wore one of the necklaces that I made for Stringing Magazine. It features a piece by Green Girl Studios.

Left: As Natalie Willemsen, an amazing artist who works with stuffed animals and fabrics, was about to head out, I grabbed her for a quick picture. She's a real peach!

Right: It was really great that Lauren Haggis and Riva Arnold could stop by. They are very glamorous and talented artists.


Cindy said...

I absolutely LOVE that last one, the large scale work. And you look so happy, too. Really nice to see it all.

PS Just bought a GGS dragon from Reed's was just waiting there for me to pick it up!

Andrew Thornton said...

Yep. I was pretty happy. Though Lauren is moving to L.A. and Riva is moving to London. Of course I will try to travel about and bother them both, but it's not the same.

Cindy said...

I did mean the artwork ;-), but Lauren and Riva are gorgeous, too, and you do look good together!

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks. I already have ideas for the next show. It'll take some time before I finish it, but my mind is brewing with all sorts of goodies.

Yep, yep. Lauren and Riva are hot like firecrackers!

Cindy said...

You're on a roll!
There'll be less pressure now when school is done, am I right?
Do you stay in the same studio?
Btw, I somehow jumped into blogging last night, so take a look and tell me how I'm doing. Thanks!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

i LOVED EVERY PHOTO AND ALL OF YOUR WORK! I feel like I got to go see it! thank you!

Andrew Thornton said...

It's my pleasure to share!

Natty Dread said...

Awww....Andrew, you're a peach too!!! you knife crazed maniac!