Monday, April 23, 2007

BFA Review...

Here are some pictures of the details from the installation in the studio I had for the BFA reviews. My reviewers were Jackie Winsor and Lynn Umlauf. I just realized that they are both primarily sculptors.

In the installation, I edited the work down quite a lot to only a few pieces from each "wave" of work. I hadn't worked with Lynn before and I wanted to give her a sort of mini-retrospective, which was not a good idea in the long run. However, I think it was effective for me in connecting the dots and seeing the patterns within the work.

To the above left, you can see the development of my very cartoonish white lines on a black ground. I played around with different paint-markers to adjust the thickness of the lines and the brightness of the whites. To the right, you can see some of my collages of sculptures of ancient goddesses, with the line over-laid. I remember reading something that Daniel Buren once wrote on his lines: That the line was the most primal and oldest symbol.

Above: Here is a close-up of the square image

Above: These are the small vellum-overlay collages I had done earlier in the semester.


Cynthia Thornton said...

These look really strong! Im partial to the drawing (of course) and I think the subtle coloring of the transparent pieces work well w/ the more graphic images. I love the patterning of line work in the square image - I can see pieces of it reduced and captured under resin in a pendant. Magical, I tell you!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

what she said!


Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks! I was thinking about getting the line work on the black one printed on a tuxedo that I'd wear to graduation.