Friday, May 23, 2014

Sugar Skull Ornaments...

I got up in the middle of the night and I couldn't go back to bed.  Instead of trying to force myself to go back to sleep, I made a bunch of sugar skull ornaments out of polymer clay.  Once they were cured, I finished them off with Gilder's Paste, acrylic paints, and alcohol inks.  I like them quite a bit and think they're bright and festive!

I posted them on Facebook and they were snapped up quickly.  Since the buyer was a friend and she got all of them, I decided to throw in a little surprise!  I made accompanying "sugar bones" and strung them both on some multi-colored ribbon.

I want to make more!  I have this idea that I'll make a Day of the Dead tree and hang these sugar skulls all over it.  I also want to get some colored porcelain clay and try my hand at translating these into ceramics.  Imagine a wind-chime constructed from porcelain "sugar bones" or if I made a hollow sugar skull that could accommodate a tea light candle.  I think they'd be really cool!


maria soto said...

I was thinking on making some skulls out of polymer clay then use the amazing mold putty and resin to make a lot of them to make day of the dead jewelry, after looking at your I'm defininetly going to me make some of my own. - thanks for the inspiration

Anonymous said...

I'm still bummed I missed these. I love them!