Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Class Proposals...

A few months ago, I put out a random inquiry on Facebook.  I asked what kind of classes people would like to take from me if they could.  I listened and took in account a few different factors, like specialized equipment, time, safety, and what I was comfortable with.  The reason that I was curious, was that I was asked to submit a few class proposals for a show in New York.  I finally came up with two classes that I thought could be a lot of fun and leave students feeling successful.

The first class focuses on a bunch of techniques, like working with two-part epoxy clay, polymer clay image transfers, and assembling the base of the brooch.  The second class features my method of sculpting faces and will cover making sculpting tools, working with polymer clay, and some finishing options.  The faces can be used in jewelry, art dolls, or fine art sculpture.

I think both classes are loaded with little useful tidbits that can be used to duplicate the samples or taken to the next level.  We'll see if the classes are accepted or not.  I hope so, because I think students will get a lot out of them.  It'll also allow me to stretch my wings a little bit.  I teach a lot through the shop, but I usually focus on basic beading techniques to get customers started and rarely get to do more "artsy" classes.  It'll also be nice to be back in the City.  I haven't been back since we moved away and this would be a good excuse to catch up with the friends I miss and visit my old stomping grounds.

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