Saturday, April 06, 2013

A Morning with Lynne...

Lynne Suprock of Simply Pretty Stuff dropped by the shop today.  We scheduled a playdate and while it was busy, we got a chance to make some things.  What a wonderful day!  She showed me how she works with the butts of the gun shells in a jewelry application and I started working on a bracelet.  I wanted the finished piece to be a surprise for Lynne and I will reveal it in a few days.  She is such a warm soul and a supportive teacher!  We are lucky to have her come and teach in October for SWARM! She'll be instructing four amazing classes.  She had some of her samples out and every person who walked by was instantly enchanted by her work.

It was an extremely pleasant day and I wished she lived closer!  We were rapidly bouncing ideas off of one another and thought up some pretty interesting concepts.  I love that she's not afraid to use unusual finds and transforms them with inexpensive Harbor Freight tools into charming works of wearable art!

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