Friday, October 26, 2012

Why the Annex Will Be Good Thing...

With all the events, festivals, family visits, contests, deadlines, and just the daily necessities of life, progress on the Annex space has come to a grinding halt.  That and those little buckets of specialty primer and paint to transform the room into an Elle Decor-worthy space add up.  (You think it's going to take one bucket, but it ends up being ten.)

Until we finish the renovations on the Annex, this is what our living room floor looks like.  Believe it or not, I spent the morning tidying it up before I took this picture.

Even for me, an appreciator of organized disorganization, it'll be nice once it's all cleaned up and the living room is presentable again.  (I can't imagine what William thinks when he comes home to this.  All I know is that on his tombstone, it'll probably read, "Here lies long-suffering, William.  He was good and patient.")  As a side note, I am perfecting a sort of hopscotch ballet navigating the clutter and I think that might be good for my glutes and calves.

When I'm not at home, I throw a blanket over the majority of it.  Otherwise the cats tend to steal things. Those trixie kittens!

The living room floor is not the only space that has been corrupted.  This is one of the kitchen counters.  If you can see it in your mind, imagine only a bowl of fruit and a ceramic tray where we deposit our keys and empty our pockets.  I know... hard to envision, but that's its normal state.

I won't even go into photographing my makeshift work desk or our dining room table.  Those surfaces have succumbed to the hoard as well.  They too have been assimilated.

Once the Annex is finally open, 99% of the clutter will go away.  I might keep a tray or two around for at-home projects, but the majority of the work-related materials will be tucked away a few miles down the road.  I'm picturing neat metal shelving units and expanses of work tables.  I'm dreaming of organized trays and felt-lined cookie sheets with minimal clutter and projects well on their way, checked off to-do lists, calendars flipped open to the right months, and tidy clear plastic boxes of my beads and crafting supplies.  The Annex will be a good thing, indeed!


SummersStudio said...

I am laughing right now because that is my usual state of things. My studio is physically in its own space but oh my does it spill over into the rest of the house. Poor long suffering William, it will indeed get better once you've a dedicated space. Really, truly, only the occasional stray bead in sight.

Francesca Watson said...

Bahahahaha! This post made me laugh - I kept saying the same thing when I moved to my new studio space upstairs. Did I mention that my workspace in said studio looks remarkably like your living room floor??!

But, yes, the Annex will be a very good thing. Can't wait to see the completed project!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing too! I tell my husband that I have a bead storage problem and he tells me that I have a bead acquisition problem! We all need an annex!! You're so lucky!!!

Cyndi J said...

You're too funny, Andrew! Laughing over long-suffering William and your balletic dance through the living room. And I understand!

re-maker said...

Thanks for sharing Andrew. It's nice to know we're all kindred spirits!

I love that the ibuprofen is in the mix!

LisaS said...

Oh my gosh, how can you find anything???