Friday, October 26, 2012

New Premium Mixes...

One of the things that I love best about creating these premium mixes is how much it's like cooking.  You add different ingredients with the hopes that the end result is pleasing.  Sometimes, if an offending ingredient is added, it must be picked out... one bead at a time from the mix.

More often than not, it comes together beautifully.  I try to think of an image in my mind while I'm working on the blend, conjuring up good feelings and happy moments.

Before I move on to less monochromatic territory, I wanted to delve in and explore more of the basic color wheel participants.  One of the colors that I haven't done yet was green.  I had made a "Lucky Mix" a few months prior that was inspired by shamrocks and leprechauns, but for this.... I wanted to do something different.  Thusly, I created the "Enchanted Glade Mix".

It's actually one of my favorite memories from New York, oddly enough.  You wouldn't think that there's a glade there, let alone an enchanted one.  But I remember going to a part of Central Park that I had never been to before.  I was with a friend who followed, but not without complaint.  We plowed through a rather stickery patch when all of a sudden, a clearing opened up before us.  It was still.  It was beautiful... the kind of beautiful that shuts you up and makes you actually regard your surroundings.  It was cinematic in how breathtaking the moment was.  I wanted to capture that and I'm fairly confident that I did.

This was the inspiration for the next mix... "Kitty Nose Pink".  I remember some days where it was cold and depressing out and a funk had securely settled itself upon me.  The only remedy was that of a cat.  They know exactly when they're needed and avail themselves of the moment, fully and completely.

The thing about a kitty nose is that it's not one color.  It changes depending on the temperature or their mood.  I must, at this time, make a disclaimer.  Not all cat noses are pink and the pinkness of their noses does not necessarily make them more personable than cats with other colored noses.  In fact, Babette (who has a little licorice nose), is quite pleasant and has many favorable human attributes.

This is the mix that I created based on that little triangle of flesh.  As an added bonus, a portion of the money made on the "Kitty Nose Pink Mix" will go towards a Breast Cancer Awareness charity.

You can take a look at the blends that I've put together by CLICKING HERE.  You can also go directly to the "Enchanted Glade Mix" by CLICKING HERE and going to the "Kitty Nose Pink Mix" by CLICKING HERE.

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