Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Regent Arrives...

When I think of history, I'm often drawn to the misfits and outcasts... particularly ones that despite their circumstance or situation, achieved what they set out to do.  In my mind, these characters of history always seemed so much more powerful and elegant than ones handed their positions.  I wanted to pay tribute to their stately marks on history.

To honor these historical figures who influenced me, I created a blend of claret reds, royal blues, and silvery grays.  I really love how this blend turned out.  I call it the "Regent Mix".  It's decadently rich and positively luscious.  I threw out the budget, sprinkling in Swarovski crystals and high-end gemstones, but I felt it suited the tone of the mix.  CLICK HERE to check out this new mix and CLICK HERE to see all of the different selections.

What are some of the historical figures that inspired you?

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Rebecca said...

Looks very French as well!