Saturday, September 08, 2012

Gail Arrives...

Gail and Dawn met me at Fallingwater for a little pre-class fun! What a lovely (if not muggy) day to explore Frank Lloyd Wright's famous cantilevered house.  Above is a shot of Gail in front of some incredible emerald-green moss.
What I loved about this house the most was that it was based on "human scale"... which just happened to be my height!  While some of the other tour members had to duck, I was perfectly at ease at the house designed for someone 5 foot 8 inches tall!
 Another thing that I really enjoyed about the house was all the light and openness.  The living quarters were much smaller than what most people would be comfortable nowadays (though I thought the rooms were cozy), but there was such an integration with the outdoors that it almost felt like living out in the woods and that the small rooms were just nooks to a greater room... the great outdoors.
 Here's a nice shot of Dawn at the entrance to the house.  Isn't she pretty?  You can see "the Hatch" which opens up to a plunge pool down below.  And if you really look, you can sort of see some of the furniture inside.  (Well, you can see some people standing in front of the furniture inside.)  We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, otherwise I would have a huge post on just that.  I love all the furnishings.  We were told that they were the "country house stuff" and that a lot of the pieces were the kind of stuff you'd use to furnish a cabin in the woods... the stuff not up to snuff to furnish your regular house.  Of course, in this case, their "shabbier fixtures" included things like Diego Rivera paintings, signed Picasso prints, abundant Tiffany glass and 14th century Madonnas.
 And here's the iconic view of Fallingwater.  We tried to find the crypt, but the property is so large that we didn't know where to begin to look.  I was curious to see the bronze doors.  It was a great day.  Beautiful and filled with good company.
And here's a teaser of the goodie bags for the class.  Yup!  All those boxes and bags are for the students!  Gail helped me play "Santa" and divvy up the goods.

Can't wait to meet all the students and get the Weekend Intensive with Gail Crosman Moore rolling!


Unknown said...

I sure wish I could be there but am still recovering from a knee replacement. It's going to be a wonderful class.

CraftyHope said...

How awesome to have gotten to visit Falling Waters! Thank you for sharing the few pics you could get. Have fun!!

Simply Pretty Stuff said...

You rock sir Andrew. Thanks for hosting Ms Gail and supplying your love support along with those Allegory Gallery and Ligonier goodies! Xoxo