Friday, April 27, 2012

Messy Workshop Blog Hop...

When I first heard of the Messy Workshop Blog Hop, hosted and organized by the delight Brenda Sue of B'Sue Boutique, I didn't think it was something for me.  Not because my studio is so clean and tidy, but because I'm extremely private about my studio space.  Only a handful of people have actually been in my studio and I consider it a creative sanctuary.  It's generally off limits to EVERYONE and if company comes over, I will sometimes staple fabric over the doorway (like a tapestry) and put furniture in front to hide the entrance.  HOWEVER... it is so messed up and so far removed from what it is "supposed to be" at the moment that I thought it would be okay and might actually prompt me to work on it.  

I must preface that when we opened Allegory Gallery, I removed a lot of the furniture and organizational systems from the studio and put it in the store.  So a lot of things that were tucked away on bookshelves or stacked on work tables and in plastic boxes now rest in piles on the floor or in haphazard boxes or in jumbled trays.  Also, with the opening of the store there hasn't been a whole lot of extra time and the studio (which is also our laundry room) became a dumping ground for supplies

When I do work in here, I tend to tidy up an area first.  So try not to imagine me straddling sewing machine boxes and picture frames.  In this picture, you'll see the unfortunate color that I decided to paint the studio.  What I thought would be a vibrant and energizing green turned positively neon under the fluorescent blubs.

Believe it or not, it was actually more messy before!  We had let the laundry pile up and there were baskets of clean cloths stacked in here as well.  I will point your attention to some of the plastic bins, as they are all sorted by color, usage and price.  I have everything labeled and marked.  In this space that is currently a pile, there used to be a small sofa and a low, wide coffee table.  With the lamps, it felt quite cozy. Then I had a large plastic table, where everything was laid out like a rainbow of beads.  I also had a rather pretty faux-Persian rug.  
This is an example of some of the newer black acrylic trays for organizing.  I usually use cookie sheets lined with felt.  When I moved my studio to the store and back, things sort of got thrown together.  There's vintage jewelry mixed in with organza bags and strands of beads and baggies... lots and lots of baggies.
Last, but not least... I give you a glimpse of one of the walls.  The walls are covered with postcards and images.  Some might go crazy in a room like this.  For me though, I find great inspiration in visually absorbing  the "horror vaccui".  On the plus side, it helps to cover up some of the retina-burning green.

But I am not alone... there are others who are like me. Some probably who think they are bad, but probably aren't as bad as me.  

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the glimpse into the workshop of a private retreat.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for allowing us into your private sanctuary! I find it amazing that while some of us look at our pile and feel like we never want to attach our own, it would be pure joy to go to another studio and help organize and sort! More like Christmas than labor!

I love your wall of inspiration! I would love to someday visit your store! :-) Kris

Kim said...

I wish I were closer and could come visit your store! I love the wall of inspiration.

Kate and Mike said...

I too love your wall of inspiration! I hope you come and see mine as well!

Lori Anderson said...

Cookie sheets lined with felt -- that's a great idea! Why didn't I think of that before?

Thanks for letting us into your private space!

Ginger Bishop said...

I too once had a room a similarly offensive green. I, fortunately, was not expected to be creative there. I enjoyed your visual overload corner. Now that my son and I are using postcrossing, I may have to adapt that idea to our space. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I do envy your sanctuary space. Thanks for letting us visit.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, thank you so much for stripping down that tapestry and letting us into your creative world. I hope the experience was cathartic for you---I believe it has been for most of us. Now we realize that the world of the glorious workspaces as seen in magazines and coffee table volumes is not reality in most cases. From our mad chaos comes remarkable design aesthetic and busy productivity. I'm so glad you jumped in and took part! XOXO B'sue

Brassy Steamington said...

Tobacco, alcohol and drugs-I can work in that space. ha ha I think I detect as very dark side behind all that neon green. Thank you for sharing your most private space with us. I won't tell anyone.....~ Brassy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us get a glimpse of your private space!

Alicia said...

Oh, the cookie sheet - such a great idea! I'll borrow it, I just finished picking up coral spacer beads from the hardwood floors (before the dogs eat them :)).

The 'wall of inspiration' is lovely, you found a way to transform it into a beautiful space.

Thank you for sharing your space with us, I appreciate it!

Joan Williams said...

I guess I'm not the only one impressed by the inspiration wall - I love it! Thanks for the tour!

Robin Delargy / LooLoo's Box said...

I LOVE the inspiration wall! Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your inner sanctum.

Gaea said...

Looks like heaven to me!

Skye said...

the biggest messes always occur while in the process of 'cleaning'... lol

Pamela said...

I love the gold tones of your work, ear rings, bracelets, necklaces. Your work space looks like FUN!

Cynthia Wainscott said...

Andrew, thank you so much for letting us in to your private studio, I think your mess can tell a lot about you artistically, and yours says you are very talented!, and believe me... There is worse messes out there, for example mine!

The Vintage Heart said...

Thank you for letting us view your creative world! It is very nice. I do like that wall of photos very much. It was hard for me too at first to warm up to this so I understand what you are saying.

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. Love the inspiration walls. I have a big bulletin board I use that way, plus little things here and there all over that I like to look at. Thank you so much for allowing us to visit!

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

Looks cool to me! I'll be clicking on those photos to take a closer look! ~*HAPPY CHARM DAY!!! xoxox*~

Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing your space with us. What wonderful stuff! But how do you ever get any laundry done, lol

Windbent said...

I appreciate you sharing your space. The art and flow helps us get to know you and how your space informs your art.

CraftyHope said...

First off, your laundry room/studio space must be HUGE! I couldn't imagine fitting a couch and table along with all my craft supplies in our laundry room (and it's quite large by usual standards).
Now, thank you so much for sharing your space, Andrew. It sounds like it was a difficult decision for you and I feel privileged to have gotten to see it, mess or no mess.

Gerry of gersgems said...

Thanks for sharing your sanctuary. You create beautiful pieces in that semi chaos...Gerry

Anonymous said...

Thank you for opening up and sharing your space. I love the green walls...the color is very similar to mine.

dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

I love your wall of inspiration...I am working on one. I love the idea of the cookie trays. Thank you so much for sharing your private space with me.

Cindy Cima said...

Pretty messy! Mine is not much better though :)
Thanks for letting us see.

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Thanks for sharing your sanctuary with us! I love the wall of inspiration. I know what you mean about the green walls - I once painted a bedroom a green color that was supposed to look like spring leaves, but it ended up looking like a very sickening pea soup.

Creative Moon said...

Thank you so much for the tour of your private space! I loved seeing your messy workshop, Andrew! And what amazing creations come out of it! I love your work, it's absolutely gorgeous! =)

Sharon Driscoll said...

Love the decoration on the walls.