Friday, April 13, 2012


 While we were in Seattle, we had a chance to walk around the arboretum.  It was strangely sunny and we took full advantage of the good weather to stroll about.  We even met up with one of my friends who's a transplant from New York City.
 One of the things that just blew me away was the sheer size of things.  A normal tulip tree looks pretty, but when the blooms are easily two feet across, it makes the flowers even more magical.  Almost as though you've stepped into some kind of primordial forest or something.
A bouquet of blossoms rested on a fanning of dark emerald leaves with these rhododendrons; they took on a flowered crown-like appearance.
 Lots of luck!  This little drip of a creek was flanked by a heavy mat of clover (also known as wood sorrel).
 In the more "swampy" area, there were these lovely yellow water flowers.  They looked to be calla lilies, but I wasn't sure.

 Stark and white, the blossoms of the camilla stood out!
 I really loved the size of the trees and how they seemed to create a magical canopy overhead.
All around, life was pushing its way through or flourishing brightly.  The flowers were bursting into life and it made it feel like spring.


Here Bead Dragons said...

The yellow flowers from the swampy area are called "Skunk Cabbage" and if you are close enough - it smells like skunk. Great pictures.


Andrew Thornton said...

This must be a different variety than the skunk cabbage that we have on our property (which we have in overflowing abundance). The Northwestern variety looks a lot more like a lily than our's. Here are what our's look like: