Wednesday, October 15, 2008

FaerieCon 2008...

I'm still pretty worn out after the show.  It seemed particularly long, but I had fun.  My favorite part was meeting so many wonderful people, especially the artists and authors I admire.  For instance, I got to spend lots of time with Holly and Theo Black.  They're really great people!  I also got to hang out with Charles Vess and Ari Berk and meet Toby Froud.

Azalea had lots of fun as well.  She really enjoyed running around with wings and a tutu.  I'm really happy that the show coordinators thought of the kids and had a section for them.  They had all kinds of activities, like face painting, wand making, and much more.  She had lots of friends and I kept seeing her dash by the booth with a new flower crown or a box of mice hand-puppet.

I don't know if we'll be coming back next year to vend, but perhaps we'll come down to see our friends and see all the interesting people dressed up.


Unknown said...

Am imagining what faeriecons like must be alot of fun...did yall go to any faerie balls? Your looking really nice with your antlers! You must really need a good winters nap now lol!
Janet x

Andrew Thornton said...

I'm the only one who went to both of the balls. The first one, the good faeries ball, Cynthia went also. It was a lot of fun - if not very tiring. Working all day and then trying to act like a rock star was exhausting.

I do think that I need a good nap.