Thursday, October 16, 2008

Come to the Big Apple Glass Art and Bead Festival...

The title of this post pretty much summarizes my sentiments.  I'd love to see anyone willing to come out to the show this weekend!  Come visit me at the Big Apple Glass Art and Bead Festival presented by SoftFlex!  I've been a little sick and could use a little company to cheer me up!  Drop by the Green Girl Studios table and mention this blog posting or wear a piece incorporating a Green Girl Studios piece and get 1 free pewter bead!  Awesome!  Don't forget!


Carter said...

Hope ya'll have a great show this weekend.
And hope you feel better soon.
I'm doing the blog tag now!

Anonymous said...

hi andrew! this bloggy commenty thing is a first for me! I found you by serendipitous accident, I HAD to tell you how!!
I was cruising around on Etsy, and found some really cute charms by HINT. So then I decided to read her blog. Then after clicking on the Art Bead Scene graphic, i ended up somewhere else. THEN, someone mentioned that Heather Wynn had cute stuff. SO, i googled her name. THEN, the first entry in google sent me to YOUR BLOG!! I was like, "JASON, come here, look, it's cynthia's brother!!"

I'm sure you're like.. yup, that's your claim to fame. Jason is tired from reading my long winded story. BUT i wanted to say hi, and how much I loved your necklaces, and couldn't figure out how to email you from this bloggy thing.
luv and ALOOOOOOHa!

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Carter! I am glad that you're participating with the tag thing. It's a really fun way of dishing info that normally wouldn't surface.

The show was fun, but I'm glad that there will be a stretch where I can catch up with work and get more projects done.

Oh! I'm doing better. Still a little sick, but recovering quickly... I hope!

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Jamie! It was most excellent meeting you all out in Hawaii. I think it is simply one of my most favorite shows to do now! You guys are great!

If you ever need to email me, feel free to do so at: