Monday, October 20, 2008


Honestly, the past week has been a complete blur. We've been on the road a lot and I've been pushing myself pretty hard lately and it all seemed to catch up with me while we were in New York. I wanted to do more things and show Cynthia and Azalea around more, but I just wasn't feeling it. I am just now getting over a little cold I've been nursing for the past few days and have been really wiped out.

We did do a few fun things. We went to FAO Schwarz, various Asian markets in Brooklyn's Chinatown, got hot chocolate and dessert at Max Brenner's, walked around the Green Market in Union Square, checked out cosmetics at Fresh, ate really yummy Thai food from Mai Thai Kitchen, and went book shopping at the Strand Bookstore.

Besides that, we spent a lot of time at the show. Everyone at SoftFlex and The Bead Society of Greater New York is so very nice to us and really cool. The write up the bead society did in their newsletter about us at Green Girl Studios was really amazing and quite flattering. I had a great time catching up with old friends and chatting with customers. I really adore some of the vendors who were there, like Patti Cahill (of Dyed in the Fire), Lisa Kan, Jane of Jane's Fibers, Jennifer Wilson of Crystal Myths, and Sunny from Ezel findings (to name a few).

I will write more, but for the moment I have to lay down and rest.

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