Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beard Papa's...

Today at work, we got a special treat! My boss decided to bring us all some lovely cream puff pastries from Beard Papa's. Yum! This company by way of Osaka, Japan specializes in "fresh" and "natural" cream puffs. They were great!


Lisa Kan said...

We have these all over LA. I love 'em. If you get a chance to try the eclairs, they are chocolate coated versions of these. I just bought a dozen after returning from Tucson.

Yum. Seasonally they have green tea and other flavors too. Watch yourself because they are addicting and also fattening!

I'm still recovering from Tucson. Thanks for the invite to party. I'll be at Bead and Button if you go to talk more. It was crazy in Tucson. And next time I see you with a camera, I am running away.

Check out my new blog.. I will start posting pics of YOU soon since I got a new digi camera! hahahah.
Adios, Lisa

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Lisa! I love these quite a bit. I have no fear of the fat or of the addiction. I need to fill out my figure anyway. I'd probably have to eat a million to gain any weight though.

I feel you on the still recovering from Tucson. The last day out there I caught a little bug and have been down and out since then. Ugh.

I'm glad that you got to come to the party. I wish you all could have stayed longer and had a good time. All sorts of folks came by after you guys left.

I did see your new blog. I'll probably have to blog about seeing your new blog. I actually saw it awhile ago when you borrowed that picture of Jamie wearing your red haiku bead.

Don't run from the camera love! However, my camera has had one too many hits to it and it's on its last leg. Like the battery cover is falling off and the cover for the memory card has been holding on for dear life for much too long. Perhaps I'll get a new one. I'll have to work some magic to try and get a new one. William said that he's going to try and fix mine... but I don't know. It's several years old now... maybe five? It might be time to upgrade. But I shouldn't really be buying any gadgets right now. We'll see.