Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tired and Newsletter...

We've been working harder than ever to get everything ready for Faerie Con and my return to New York. Boy, am I tired. I've been wire-wrapping my brains. Greg has been casting like crazy. Cynthia has been sculpting and painting and doing all sorts of tasks that need be done before the show. We've all been working over-time. And Azalea is ever a ball of energy, always getting into things... so it has been pretty difficult.

However, I am confident that all our work will pay off and am happy for the opportunity to spend time with my family. Even if we are all a wee bit cranky and crabby for not getting enough sleep.

Although we've got masses of work to do before we leave on Thursday, I'm going to try and instigate a little family outing. We've all been working so hard, that I think a nice walk in the leaves in the park would be a wonderful distraction.

Oh, I just finished up the newsletter for Green Girl Studios! CLICK HERE for a better look! I'm working to expand the content, so if you're an artist, writer, or designer and would like to do something for it... please feel free to email me and we'll come up with something. Perhaps we'll give you advanced releases of products to play with or invite you over for crafty fun!

Above: Page 1 and 2.
Above: Page 3 and 4.

Above: Page 5 and 6.

By the way, we're also doing the BIG APPLE GLASS ART AND BEAD FESTIVAL! I'll be doing this show the weekend after Faerie Con. So please stop by and say hello! I'm looking forward to seeing all my bead show buddies!


Eva said...

I would love to help you guys with the newsletter in any way possible. I have a journalism background, so I can write, do graphics, etc. or anything else, in addition to submitting a project idea or something. Just let me know, and seriously, no compensation necessary.

Jean said...

I love this SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! it is GREAT!

Jean said...

do you want me to help?

Andrew Thornton said...

Hello Eva! Hello Jean! Yes, of course I would love to have your help. It would be delightful! I'll let you know what can be done in a wee bit. After Faerie Con and all.