Sunday, October 28, 2007

Closing Time...

Greg, Cynthia, and Azalea took off today to head back down to Asheville. To say that I'm going to miss them is an understatement. I have come to realize that family is one of the most important things to me. Whether it is my actual family bound by blood-ties, or the family in which we create with friends... it is essential to my happiness. If my friend wasn't here to keep me company I'd probably be miserable. Luckily she's here. I'm going to try and convince her to stay with me forever.

Today, after my family left, my friend and I went for coffee at Gimme Coffee and strolled around the neighborhood, enjoying the crisp cool weather and the electric blue skies indicative of autumn in New York.


Unknown said...

Hi Andrew from Texas....what you say is sooooo true family IS everything and the ties that bind are our heart strings. I so miss my family they all came to Texas and all left and its really hard some days. It dosent matter how old we are yes our family and close friends family is everything...speaks volumes. My daughter Jenny just moved 12 hrs away and I cried for weeks before she left. I know how you feel your hearts cry Andrew! I do.
Janet x

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Janet! We're really close now, so it's particular hard. I think the only way that I could have existed without talking with them for so long was the fact that I was so incredibly busy.

Sometimes I wonder if my brother thinks about us. I wonder if he has to stay busy to forget us.

Anyway, I'm glad to be back in New York and that I'm not completely alone and that I'll see them all soon.