Saturday, October 27, 2007

A New Room...

Greg and Cynthia took me to Ikea in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Now I have a sofa and a rug and my living room looks like a living room. It is nice. We got everything just in time for an impromptu party. At first we were going to cook a big meal. Instead, we ran out and got a massive selection of dumplings from different Asian restaurants in the neighborhood: Lily Thai, Bin Cafe, and Red House. We also made a giant pitcher of mai tais. Normally I'm a shutter bug at events like this, taking pictures of everyone and everything, but for some reason I didn't take out the camera.

After everyone left for the evening and Azalea laid down for the night with Greg, Cynthia, Cat, Steve (my roommate), and I went out to continue our conversation. We started out at the Bushwick Country Club where the picture to the left was taken. Then we went across the street to Art Land. People kept skipping us in line for the pool table so we decided to be annoying and gyrate and do the jankity nervous twitch dance next to it.

Today, we went to Penzeys Spice Counter in Grand Central Station, Rich to Riches, Dick Blick Art Supply and the Fluevog shoe store in SoHo, and we dropped in Books of Wonder where Garth Nix was signing books! Cynthia and I used to listen to his Abhorsen Trilogy on book on tape while we were working back in Asheville. We also stopped at the Green Market in Union Square and had dinner at Chat 'n' Chew. Dinner was great and hit the spot.

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