Monday, October 29, 2007

The Optimist...

Earlier this evening, I met up with Kathy Callahan to discuss the performance piece that I will be participating in. I'm not normally a performance artist, so this should definitely be interesting. We all met up at the T Salon in Chelsea Market. Some of the other artists who will be helping out were there as well, including Essey and Min. I haven't seen either in quite some time. Both of them were college cronies from long ago. I'm actually not that familiar with Min, so it was definitely good to get to know her a little bit better.

In any event, I am really excited about this project. We eventually made our way over to Ninth Street Cafe and then over to the wine shop in Chelsea Market. Such a lovely time with other creative people, whom I've found out are in the same neighborhood. What a treat!

Afterward, I headed over to Stain Bar. It's a local venue with a lot of character. It's such a wonderful place that is community-oriented. I felt completely at home there. I enjoyed a beer made in Harlem called, Sugar Hill Honey Ale. It was quite tasty! And since they no longer carry my favorite (Stained Red), I got that one instead and have added it to my new favorites list.

The show up right now is pretty good. It got me thinking about the space and my once objective of having a show there. All sorts of ideas started brewing and I am definitely hoping to put together some shows I've long been wanting to curate there. What a wonderful opportunity this will be! I'm really excited about all these artistic endeavours!

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Jean said...

Man, Andrew: you are really busy! I am happu for you!