Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New Sarah Ogren Prints...

I have been hooked on Etsy lately, treating myself to a belated birthday present of sorts (or so I tell myself). I just adore the idea of a forum for artists and crafters that enables them to share their work. I especially love picking up new prints for my collection. I think it all started with Jen Tong's Bunny Boy, and now I've been possessed with collecting rabbit prints. I especially like the anthropomorphic ones that have human bodies. This led me to the work of Sarah Ogren.

Above: These are two of the prints that I picked up on my last visit to Sarah's Etsy shop. Both are open edition silkscreen prints.

Sarah is a mixed media artist based out of Goreville, Illinois. She is remarkably talented at combining her own drawings and vintage ephemera into stunning collages and prints. Her pieces evoke a Victorian sensibility, delicate and ornate with a touch of seemingly sinister darkness.

Above: (Left) Another silkscreen print in an open edition. (Right) A tiny ACEO card that's a perfect way to collect original artwork.

I am really happy with my finds from Sarah. (I just stopped by her Etsy shop again and selected a few more goodies!) Don't forget to check out her blog, by CLICKING HERE.


Sarah Ogren said...

Thank you Andrew for writing such a lovely blog article about my work!

Andrew Thornton said...

THANK YOU for stopping by! I love the new work and always want to support those who have work that I admire and enjoy.