Sunday, January 07, 2018

Good News...

Yesterday, over on Facebook, I teased that I had some good news!  I had all kinds of guesses about what the news actually was.  Lots of really interesting thoughts!  The actual good news is that I'll be going to Tucson for the annual gem and mineral shows! With all the house stuff, I didn't think I'd be going this year.  With the rare exception, I've been going almost every year for over a decade.  So it'll be nice to go back.  I really like Tucson and think it's a great city!  Plus it is made even better with the influx of some of my favorite jewelry-making people.

So... where will I be?  I'll be at the Whole Bead Show at the Viscount Suite Hotel.  I'll be helping out at my family's booth.  So, come see me and Cynthia at the Green Girl Studios booth!  I'll have a few of my goodies available as well.  If there's anything you want me to bring, make sure to let me know! I'll do my best to accommodate!

The show looks like a really good line-up.  Carl Clasmeyer, Anne Gardanne, and Brenda Schweder are just a few of the artisans that will be represented.  There will be bunch of other vendors, including Ava Motherwell and all her vintage treasures (and more).  So make sure to come and see us!

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